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City and the port at the western end of the Kastel bay. The city lies with its largest part on an island between the island Ciovo and the mainland. The location of the place is pictorial, the medieval architecture very well preserved and has numerous cultural and historical monuments. Trogir was established in the IIIrd century by colonialists from Greece, who came here over the island Vis. At Roman times the place develops to a port. After the decay of the Western Roman Empire it falls under Byzantine rule. Since the second half of the IX. Century Trogir pays tribute to the Croatian

On the shore where land and sea-routes cross, where at times the city of Salona flourished, where in antique times the province Dalmatia was established, where in the medieval times the city of Split started to grow. Here from the 5th 2nd century BC Greek colonizers constructed their homes along the coast and the islands, and the emperor Diocletian had his spacey palace built in which he moved in 305. Here the city of Split developed. The uniqueness is especially found in the local architecture, where only stone is used for construction, a material the region is very rich.

Contains province along the river Krka and 75 km long canyon and Prukljan lake where river creates noisy waterfalls:Krcic,Risnjak,Miljacka,Rosk waterfall(tall 26m) and Skradinski Buk(tall 46m). In enlargement of river Krka there is little island Visovac with a famous monastery from 15 century.Park can be visited during the whole year and you can get there by boat or by your own car but only near the entrance for Skradin and Lozovac and from there you have to go with boat to NP.

Experience the beauty of untouched nature of canyon river Cetina on rafting which can last 3 to 4 houres.Draw down along the river which is long 16 km.On several places along the river you can stop to have rest or to swim in bright Cetina.Every day during the whole year administration "Rafting" organizes tourist trips.Organized departure with van or minivan goes from Omis at 9am and 2pm.You move upstream.All information you can get at

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